Cookware & Bakeware

Catering can be a difficult business. Whether you run a restaurant, a café or a mobile catering business, you will need to have the best cookware sets to ensure a high standard of quality. At Bidfood Catering Equipment, we provide a vast range of products to help you get the very best results, including stainless steel cookware. As the food business can rely heavily on word of mouth, having high-quality professional cookware gives you a solid foundation to work from.

We can provide cookware sets suitable for preparing all kinds of food. Whatever your menu and area of expertise, our professional cookware can help make it the very best. We sell a wide range of cookware sets as part of our extensive product line, and discuss some of the best below.

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No matter what your line of food, pans cookware will be an essential part of your equipment. We provide pans of all sizes and styles, all of the highest quality, including aluminium pie dishes, extra deep aluminium roasting pans and large non-stick roasting pans. These items from our pans cookware range are capable of preparing various dishes, and are reliable and highly durable.

Other items from our pans cookware selection include pizza pans, ideal for restaurants or buffets, where pizzas are as popular as ever. Other items from our pans cookware include frying pans, pancake pans and saucepans, serving as a full range of essentials for producing a variety of quality foods.

There are several advantages to using stainless steel cookware, which make it a first choice for many. One of these is that it is fairly lightweight, which is ideal for busy kitchens where work needs to be done quickly and efficiently. Stainless steel cookware also has hygienic benefits, as its surface has no cracks or pores to house germs or bacteria. This smooth surface will also allow flavours to remain untainted, as no residue will be left ingrained from previous dishes.

As well as pans cookware, we also provide steamers for creating healthy, fresh dishes such as steamed vegetables, rice or eggs. Our steamers range includes diverse items such as pudding steaming equipment, a bamboo steamer and fish kettles. Steaming is a gentler way to prepare certain foods, and is also healthier than some other cooking methods, as the natural nutrients are not affected by contact with other cooking products.

Our range of professional cookware offers ideal cooking solutions for foods of all kinds. Whatever your company specializes in, whether it is in preparing traditional fare or more exotic cuisine, we can help make preparing it easier, more practical and more enjoyable. With such a wide variety of cookware sets at such competitive prices, you can buy one or two key pieces, or full cookware sets to outfit your entire business.

Our professional cookware is ideal for food preparation of all kinds, whatever line of catering you are in.