Reopening and adapting your food business during COVID-19

Keeping Your Staff & Customers Safe

Screens & Sanitisation Stations

Put in plate social distancing measures using these screens & sanitising stations. 

Floor & Wall Graphics

Large, easy to understand graphics make it easy for your customers to understand the practices you've put in place.

Tabletop Signs & Displays

Compact tabletop signs that are ideal to be placed on reception desks and near entrances.

Wash & Sanitise Signs

Encourage your employees to wash their hands properly to increase hygiene and health within the workplace.

Portable Hand Wash Units

 These hygienic and easy to use transportable mobile wash basins with integrated water tanks are ideal where no water connection is available. 

Chef Uniforms

Providing your staff with sets of clothing will ensure they have a new clean and fresh uniform to wear for each day of service.



Implementing A Food To Go Operation

Insulated Delivery Bags

Ideal for any type of food that needs to be delivered. These thermal bags keep food hot during transportation and are easy to clean.


Bulk Food Transportation

Superior temperature retention to protect food safety, holds hot or cold food safely for many hours.

Great for delivering school meals.


Food Packaging

 Dishwasher and microwave safe reusable takeaway containers with a leak-proof design.


Eco Friendly Hot Cups

 Made from rice husk which would normally be a waste product from rice production, these cups are reusable and can be decomposed of at the end of their life.

Clingfilm & Sheets

 Enhance the presentation of your food with these colourful papers that are essential for wrapping takeaway foods.

Food Portion Bags

 Reduce food waste by controlling proper food portions and maintain safe food storage using these day of the week bags.



Cooking & Holding Food at Safe Temperatures

 Heated Holding Units

Holds prepared food fresh, flavorful, and hot with no moisture pans, water or canned heat needed.

Cook & Hold Units

Cook and safely hold food hot in the same unit until ready to be served.

Combi Ovens

Combines several cooking functions in one piece of kitchen equipment to produce perfect results.

Tabletop Hot Food Holding

Ideal for displaying food in dishes or platters, great for buffets, banquets, hospitality boxes and bars.



Food Prep & Safe Storage Solutions

Polycarbonate Gastronorms

Conceived and designed for catering professionals, these clear and shatter resistant containers are very tough and durable making them long lasting. 

Polypropylene Gastronorms

 The balance of strength and weight characteristics, its rigidity and behaviour at different temperatures make this plastic the most popular solution used by catering professionals for food preservation.

Ingredient Bins

 Designed for perfect storage, optimum food preservation with maximum hygiene and the strictest control of raw materials.

Preserving Jars

 Perfect for storing dry foods and also preserving fruits, jams and chutneys.

Store foods usually exposed in these jars to prevent contamination and protect your customers.

First In First Out Containers

 First in, First Out food storage containers help to promote food rotation and are designed to give greater control of food stocks

Glass & Plate Camracks

 Wash, store and safely transport dinnerware in a revolutionary Camrack System that eliminates the need for rewashing.

Closed sidewalls and an optional lid mean the contents can be safely stored and are protected from contamination.

Universal Gastronorm Lids

 These transparent & universal silicone lids fit all types of food boxes of the same GN size, regardless of the material they are made of.

Protect the contents of your containers using these lids without reinvesting in new containers.


Vacuum Packers

 Safely preserve and protect food by preventing harmful mould and bacteria from growing using a commercial grade vacuum sealer.



Ensuring Food Safety

Colour Coded Kitchenware

 When different varieties of food products are prepared using the same utensils, bacterial cross contamination can occur and this is recognised as a major source of food poisoning.

Eliminate this using colour coded tools for different food groups.

Allergen Kitchenware

 Protect guests with food allergies by creating special food allergen prep procedures to avoid allergen cross-contact.

Labels & Accessories

Control food wastage and highlight allergens for the safety of your customers using our range of food labels.

Available in dissolvable form that simply wash away for easy removal.

Saf-T-Scoop Ice Scoop

Protect ice from dangerous contact with knuckles and thumbs while scooping and serving, with the Saf-T-Scoop & Guardian System.

Dishwasher Thermometers

 Use a dishwasher thermometer to ensure your dishwasher reaches the desired maximum temperature to ensure all bacteria are killed during the rinse cycle. 



Infrared Thermometers

  Infrared thermometers provide non-invasive measurements with instantaneous response times.

Great for checking temperatures of sealed and pre-wrapped products.

Probe Thermometers

 Probe thermometers allow you to check internal food temperatures during cooking, re-heating and cooling.

Also great at monitoring food temperatures during service to ensure safe temperatures are being maintained.

Fridge & Freezer Thermometers

 Ensure your refrigeration appliances are operating correctly and at optimum temperatures using a simple to understand and easy to read thermometer. 




Safe Food Service & Food Displays

Dishwasher Safe Trays

Foodservice trays that can be wiped clean during service and deep cleaned within a dishwasher at the end of the day.

Food trays have the potential to be handled by hundreds of people throughout the day, using these dishwasher safe trays makes sanitising that bit easier. 

Plate & Tray Covers

Perfect for catering environments where salads, meals and desserts need to be made in advance.

Protects the contents from contamination whilst on display or awaiting service.

Self Service Food Dispensers

Covered and protected solutions to prevent food from being exposed in self service environments.

These stylish, easy to refill and dispense units make these a great alternative to open bowls in buffets.

Sauce Dispensers

 Deliver the presentation you need without the drips and mess normally associated with sauce.

Easy to clean and can be great at reducing waste whilst improving stock rotation. 

Prepared Food Plate Storage

Prepare dishes in advance, so pressure with your kitchen staff can be secured at a lower level.

Combined with plate covers you can provide a safe ambient food holding solution.

 Protected Food Displays

 Covered cabinets designed to showcase foods whilst protecting the contents from contamination.

Great for displaying ambient foods such as cakes.





Maintaining A Clean & Hygienic Environment

Colour Coded Cleaning

Prevent cross contamination using colour coded cleaning equipment for separate areas.

Cross contamination risks leave you exposed, these colour coded items help support you in implementing your controls.

Step On Bins

Safely dispose of waste without touching the bin using your hands.

These bins feature a simple to use foot pedal operation allowing for a hands free approach to waste disposal.

Spill Station

Pads that soak up water & oil quickly and completely for an effective way to deal with spills.

Rubber Gloves

Keep hands dry, cool and comfortable.

Reusable rubber gloves provide a barrier to irritants such as cleaning chemicals.

Body Fluid Removal Kit

Kit provides a safe and efficient system for disinfection and removal of bodily fluids including vomit and blood.

Includes disinfectant wipes.

First Aid Supplies

 Ensure you have the provision of first aid apparatus in the workplace in order to deal with accidents as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Insect Control

 Electric fly killers to help control pests indoors including kitchens.

These normally attract flying insects and contain them.