Food Preparation

Food preparation equipment is the important stage between fresh food coming into the kitchen and being made ready for either cooking or direct service into the restaurant.

At Bidfood Catering Equipment there is a wide range of food preparation equipment, but some are necessary items rather than nice-to-have items, depending on the style on food the kitchen wishes to offer.

While there is a temptation to buy in ready-prepared vegetables, the kitchen does not always get the best quality with ready-prepared vegetables, ready prepared is a very price driven business, so there is pressure to use older, cheaper potatoes and big woody carrots because they are quicker to peel than small sweeter carrots.

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For high volume users of potatoes it can be more cost-effective to buy sacks of fresh potatoes and prepare them for boiling or frying using a vegetable preparation machine rather than to buy in chilled or frozen prepared chips or ready-peeled potatoes in gas-flushed bags. Fresh potatoes will always give a better flavour and buying by the sack gives the kitchen control over which variety of potato the customer is being offered.

You may think that you get a more consistent product when buying ready-turned carrots, but you don't - there is so much urgency to churn out the volume and meet a competitive price that buying ready-prepared vegetables can mean the kitchen does not know what is being bought.

Ready-sliced meats are never going to be as fresh tasting as that done freshly using a slicer and vegetable juice cannot match that of freshly squeezed. There is a very strong argument both on food quality and food cost for a kitchen preparing fruit and vegetables in-house.