Service & Display

Warming cold food such as pies or sausage rolls or keeping food which has been freshly cooked at serving temperature needs careful food safety handling and the right equipment. It is not just about maintaining the heat to help keep the food safe to eat complying to food safety management, but to keep it in a fresh condition.

Dry heat food displays will keep food warm, but if the food is susceptible to drying out, then dry heat will over a period of time fail to deliver food items in the best condition. Foods which have a high moisture content such as pasta dishes, or a high fat content such as pies and sausage rolls, will keep well in dry heat cabinets.

Food items such as cooked chicken will hold over a short period of time in a dry heat display cabinet, but are better stored in a cabinet that has a humidifier that injects a small amount of moisture in the cabinet to prevent drying out, but not induce sogginess.

Food can also be held hot in serving dishes using underneath heating units or in the traditional chafing dishes which use spirit lamps for heat. These are some of the ways in which food can be held hot.

Here at Bidfood Catering Equipment we offer a variety of options to help ensure food from your professional kitchens is kept at the correct temperature. If you would like more information or would like to discuss the options please call our sales team on 0370 3663 960.