Table Service

When it comes to catering, two key factors are quality and presentation. As a leading catering equipment supplier we provide a wide selection of bread baskets, condiment sets and silver serving dishes which are sure to add class to any dinner table. Obviously, different styles will be needed depending on the occasion, whether a birthday or wedding.

It is popular to have decorative catering crockery such as condiment sets in the centre of each table, perhaps alongside something to snack on, such as breadsticks or olives. We supply condiment sets in a wide range of styles and sizes, constructed from various materials. We stock these in wooden, glass or stainless steel containers, so that you are sure to find one of our condiment sets to suit the colour theme of the location.

There are other items which you will need throughout the rest of the establishment. For example, no matter what type of food you specialise in (French, Italian, traditional English fare), you are likely to want bread baskets, which will not only serve a practical purpose, but also complement the décor. We can supply a wide variety of bread baskets, in a range of styles and colours.

We stock them in poly-rattan and poly-wicker, which are strong, attractive and durable. These are easy to clean, and the poly-wicker is dishwasher safe, allowing for quick, convenient cleaning. However, we can also provide authentic wicker bread baskets, which are high quality, durable and allow for a large amount of food to be displayed or stored.

No matter what function you are catering for, you will want something special to present your food in. Our silver serving dishes offer the chance to impress your diners with high-quality dinner service, which can be used with all manner of foods. We have stainless steel eggcups, gratin dishes with 18 carat gold handles, stainless steel vegetable dishes and chrome seafood trays.

Our silver serving dishes can also be used alongside our Emile Henry gastronorms, which are made from porcelain and are oven and dishwasher safe. They are available in different sizes and various colours, and are ideal for buffet service. These gastronorms can hold a large quantity of hot or cold food, and will brighten up any spread they are placed within.

When it comes to buffets, people like variety, such as dishes inspired by other countries. Our gastronorms are ideal for holding hot dishes such as casseroles, curries and pastas. The gastronorms are just one option we offer for food storage and presentation.

However, people also like more familiar options, such as sandwiches or breads, which is where bread baskets can come in handy. It could also be an idea to place one on each table, in case people want a snack. Our bread baskets and silver serving dishes make a fantastic addition to any food establishment, and are a perfect combination of form and function.

Alongside these are our condiment sets, which can be carefully selected to complement the rest of these items. Our wide selection of silver serving dishes can also be used for hot foods, such as soups and jambalayas. Many of these are equipped with handles, to allow for easy transportation, and will add elegance to any service table. We can also provide items of clothing, such as chefs jackets and more.