Bidfood Catering Equipment stock a wide range of commercial and industrial warewashing machines, from commercial Undercounter dishwashers/glasswashers to commercial pull-down hood/pass-through dishwashers from top brands including Electrolux, Winterhalter and Classeq.

Warewashing equipment is the collective industry name for dishwashers and glasswashers. It derives its name from glass ‘ware’ and table ‘ware’.

A common question from caterers is why can’t they use the same machine for both glasswashing and plate washing? The answer is you can and very small establishments cannot justify the cost of a dedicated commercial glasswasher and dishwasher. However glassware requires a shorter wash time than tableware and therefore using a dishwasher for this means wasting energy as the cycles are longer.

When buying a commercial dishwasher/glasswasher it is important to consider many factors including the space available, whether you will supply a hot or cold water feed, daily throughput and the number of covers your establishment has. The major types of dishwashers/glaswashers available these days include;

Front Loading Glasswasher – designed for small to moderate usage of glassware and normally placed in an Undercounter position in a preparation area or in a back of house cleaning area.
Cabinet Dishwashers – Small and compact machines designed to fit Undercounter in a back-of-house cleaning area, still-room or satellite kitchen.
Pull-down hood/Pass-through dishwashers – More powerful and quicker dishwashing of soiled tableware compared to the cabinet dishwashers. They are usually configured with stainless steel tabling either side of the dishwasher so while a basket of dirty tableware is being washed, another basket of dirty tableware is being loaded ready to go in.
Rack conveyor dishwashers –Work on a pass-through system where the baskets of soiled tableware are on a conveyor belt which pass through the washing machine, going through wash zones which start at pre-rinse, hot wash, then hot rinse.

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